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Our Firm Is Like No Other

Curri Properties was founded in 2003, with a focus on commercial and residential waterfront properties.  Our specialties are sun, fun and water- the Brevard Coast, Indian River and Banana River.  The Space Coast is also a very technical area, with lots of big employers, good jobs, great schools, excellent healthcare, as well as a lower cost of living than other coastal areas in Florida.

Curri Properties is a team of full-time agents who work TOGETHER to provide world-class service to our clients.  We are not the traditional slick-talking, home-flipping, deal-slinging sharks you normally think of when you hear the word Realtor.

We are your friend in the real estate business.  We believe in cultivating a relationship first, and closing the deal that’s best for the client.  Of course we work for money, just like everyone, but this is a labor of love, it’s a vocation, not a job.  And we are not just agents, we are advocates.  We believe in providing the highest level of service, with interactive teamwork and collaboration.

Our company is focused on the client first.  Our goal is to get you into your dream home, in the perfect neighborhood, in the perfect area.  And when you’re ready to sell, or invest in another property, we’ll be here to get you the best price for your home, or the best property to add to your portfolio.

RealtorAnother notable difference that sets us apart is that Curri Properties does NOT CHARGE A TRANSACTION FEE.  Most Realtors now charge a “transaction fee,” some up to $395!!   We will give you a breakdown of all the closing costs, so there are no surprises, and you will see that there is no cost on the buyer’s side!   Real estate agents work on commission, and the commission fee comes out of the seller’s proceeds.   That’s how it works.  We don’t believe in extra hidden fees like some of the big franchise companies!

Another difference here at Curri is that we are not competing with other team members.  We work together to ensure the client receives world-class service.  If your particular agent is not available when you are to see a house, another agent from the team will show you the home.  It’s not a competition, it’s a collaboration.  There’s no stealing clients, no dirty dealings, no “sharking” to worry about.  That means our agents don’t have to deal with the stress of working in that kind of cutthroat environment.  Less stress means happy agents, happy agents are happy people, which is better for the community.

Curri Properties is Christian and very pro-people.  We care about our community and its residents, and a very important part of our lives is giving back.  We are  woven tightly into the fabric of the Brevard County community.  We sponsor local sports programs and work with local charities.  We help at Daily Bread, the local soup kitchen; we provide meals for The Haven, a local foster home; and we donate time and money to Brevard Rescue Mission, the local women’s shelter.


Your house is not just a place to live, it’s a long term investment.  For most people, it’s the biggest investment they have ever made.  It’s important to get the right one, that fits your life.  We are your real estate advocates for life.  Our service doesn’t end at the closing table.  We are here to assist you in getting moved, settled in, and integrated into your new neighborhood and community.

After closing, we’ll help you get acclimatized to your new neighborhood.  Need help dealing with the HOA?  No problem!  We can help you deal with your property management company, HOA, tax assessor, or any other questions you may have.   We live here, so our agents are a great resource all kinds of things, not just the house, but life in the neighborhood, for years to come.  We can help you design your dream home, help you find the right contractor to make it happen, help you make wise financial decisions, when it comes to design and color choices, or when the question is whether to build an addition or find a different house.

We have been known to recommended local doctors, insurance agents, helped with paperwork, given advice on improvements, additions, construction and pools.  We have even helped buyers find the perfect job in their new community! If it’s a question you would have asked your favorite neighbor in your old neighborhood, ask us!  We’re about as neighborly as it gets, and we are invested in your success with your investment.

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