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Brand New Home / New Construction

When most people decide it’s time to buy a home they think, lets see what’s available. When they think buying a new home most people look at existing homes that are the size, location and price that best fits their budget.  Many people use websites such as Zillow, or often contact a realtor to star their home search.  Well that’s the start.  But when thinking to buy a home, why not consider a BRAND NEW HOME. Sounds Complicated, right.  You have to do a lot of extra work and it can be very confusing along the way.  Many people feel it’s much easier to just see what your getting and make a safe purchase that way.  Well, with new construction, you don’t have to settle.  This will allow you to get EVERYTHING you want, everything is Brand New, and often times you get the opportunity to pick out the Colors, and selections you’ve always wanted making it your own style.

You see many home searches don’t always include what’s NEW, or up and coming because the new home builders either advertise the homes themselves or only through local realtors.  So it’s important you align yourself with someone that has their finger on the pulse or ear to the ground in their local area.  Besides many of the good deals and premium home sites are not always advertised where everyone can find them.  If your looking to buy a new home, Build a Custom Home on a vacant Lot or get the intimate facts and guidance regarding how to go about building a new home, look no further.  Allow the experts at Curri Properties to put you in control and take all of the hassle out of it.  We represent the most respectable and and quality home builders in Central Florida.

Why Contact Us?

We have re-sale in mind and someone helping you design your dream home, when it comes time to sell it, you’ve already got the basics covered.

Our services are FREE of charge to you as a home buyer, and for those of you that have built a house before you know having someone to help along the way is invaluable.

We will save you time and money by diverting you away from Costly mistakes.

So what are you waiting for?  Give us a call today and you be on your way to new home ownership with the knowledge and advice that will ensure your preserving your biggest investment

We look forward to meeting you and show you all that we have to share.