First Time Home Buyers

Let Us Help You Find A Home That Fits Just Right

One of the most important duties of a real estate agent is to protect the client’s needs, goals, best interests, and financial situation.

It’s important to make sure the client is buying the right home, at the right time, and for the right reasons.

Some people decide to buy a home because they were told it’s the right thing to do, but if you are a first-time home buyer, it’s important to take into consideration the fact that this is one of the largest purchases you will ever make, and to take the appropriate measures to ensure there are no mistakes.

There are lots of things you may not know, as a first time home buyer, such as the difference between a VA and an FHA loan; or what programs and down payment assistance may be available to you.  These are things your real estate agent knows.  Your agent will help you choose the right mortgage, the right mortgage broker, and make sure you utilize all the resources that may be available.

Curri Properties agents are experienced in understanding the short and long term goals of the buyer and preparing them for the future.

Some people purchase a home just to get the roof over their heads, they do it in a hurry and they buy a place for today, not for tomorrow.   Buying a home is a huge investment, sometimes the biggest one you’ll ever make.  You wouldn’t invest your life’s savings and the next 30 years of your hard-earned money without talking to a financial advisor.  So why would you buy a house without expert advice?  The first home you buy can set the stage for how you grow as a person, as a family, and affect your long-term financial development.   It’s crucial to work with an agent who can guide you to the right home, the right location, the condition and situation, that will allow you to grow and thrive.

There are times when it is not the right time to buy a home.  For instance, if your job is not secure, if you are uncertain of your career path, or if the cost of renting in a certain location is higher than the cost of owning in that area, it’s not the right time.  If you are dead-set on living in a particular community or neighborhood, but it’s cheaper to rent than it would be to own it, that is a situation that will require some serious scrutiny.

Make sure you have an agent that has your best interests at heart, not just someone who can close a deal.  Make sure you have a Curri agent in your corner.

Are You Qualified?

city-iconDeciding to buy a home is a huge decision. One of the things that you can do in the beginning of the home buying process is to become pre-qualified with the financial institute of your choice. If you need help in discovering the best place for you our team will be happy to help. When you are pre-qualified you are able to place an offer on a property at a much faster pace, also being able to know exactly what budget range you are qualified for will help you narrow your search.

Do Your Research

city-iconWe are a team that relies heavily on our own personal research to make sure that you get into the property that fits your needs best. We encourage you to do your own research as well. Speak to your potential neighbors. Go to the neighborhood grocery store. Get to know your new neighborhood. This is the best way to know if you will feel at home after the purchase is final. If you have questions about the local schools, crime rate, economy or leisure activities, just ask!

Never Settle

city-iconWe can not stress this enough! While there may be cosmetic or location compromises in your first home based on budget and resources you must make sure that you are not settling for a home that you will be uncomfortable in. The right starter home is out there for you and we will be dedicated to making sure that you find it. Sometimes it is the first home that you look at, sometimes it may take months and dozens of viewings. We will be with you all along the way.