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Brevard County has a long and storied history, one that includes more than its fair share of hauntings. If you are a fan of ghosts and haunted places, there are several sites of interest where paranormal activities are reported often in Brevard County. Please keep in mind if you decide to visit these locations, please […]

Here in Brevard County, Florida, residents and visitors alike, enjoy a plethora of unique wildlife calling the region home. And it’s no wonder with the beautiful and winding unspoiled waterways including the Atlantic, the St. John’s River, the Indian River Lagoon, the Banana River, the Intracoastal Waterway, and a number of beautiful lakes. Brevard County […]

It all began more than 50 years ago, when NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) found its way to North Merritt Island to meet the 20th century’s Cold War challenge of conquering space. It was 962, three short months after President Kennedy announced American astronauts would be first on the moon. The $800 million project […]

Everyone who calls Brevard County, Florida home or who works in the region, knows the area abounds with limitless beauty including tropical flora and fauna amid picturesque bodies of water featuring the Atlantic Ocean and its tributaries – the Indian River Lagoon, the Intracoastal Waterway, the Banana River, and the St. John’s River. If you […]

It’s hard to believe that summer is nearly at its end and soon school will be back in session. But don’t fret, there is still time to relish some great end of summer activities here in Brevard. Check out this incredible list of ideas that your entire family can embrace and enjoy and won’t cost […]

Brevard County Schools is a large system boasting 147 highly ranked schools which support more than 73,000 students and 5,000 teachers. Each school in Brevard prides itself on educational innovation, community engagement, and life changing growth and opportunity. Every year teachers, administrators, support staff, and parents work to support students, enhancing educational opportunities for everyone […]

Brevard County, Florida, serves a multitude of distinctive species of plants and animals who call the region of pristine waterways – the Atlantic, the St. John’s River, the Indian River Lagoon, the Banana River, the Intracoastal Waterway, and a number of beautiful lakes – their home. Brevard is also home to ever growing industry featuring […]

As the closet beaches to Disney, Universal, and all the fun of Orlando, the Space Coast’s pristine beaches get a lot of visitors year round. It makes perfect sense, after all, who doesn’t enjoy a few days (or more!) at the beach with family and friends? On the Space Coast, residents and visitors, alike, offer […]

Brevard County is home to a multitude of outdoor activities from swimming to boating to golfing and more. Often the activities overshadow the remarkable history of the county. In truth, Brevard County is also home to a wide array of historical landmarks and milestones from the discovery of America to the latest in space exploration. […]

Today, Port Canaveral is the world’s second busiest cruise port accommodating numerous multi-day embarkations. And though Port Canaveral has been among the top cruise ports for years now, the Port is continually aiming for the very top – as the world’s busiest and most innovative cruise port. The homeport fleet sails regularly at above 100 […]