Curri Certified Home


What Is A Curri Certified Home?

Are you looking to get the most from your home when you sell? We’re experts at getting you every penny you deserve using our proven “Curri Certified Selling System.” A Curri Certified Home is like buying a Certified Pre-Owned Mercedes. The home and premises have gone through a multi-point inspection, including passing all safety requirements, Electrical, HVAC system, Plumbing, Roof & Wind Mitigation ensuring the home qualifies for a Mortgage & Premium Insurance Programs, while coming complete with a 1 year Home Warranty. Buying a “Curri Certified Home” can save you lot’s of time and thousands of dollars in costly mistakes. We have you covered and know how to attract more buyers, guaranteed!

There is a small 1 time fee to have your house Curri Certified due at the time we set up the inspection. A Home Warranty will be paid for as a courtesy by the agent at the time of listing. For more information please fill out our form below.

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