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Brevard’s history is incredibly rich, filled with numerous cultures and important events spanning thousands of years. As a result, there are plenty of historical landmarks in the area, such as the Cape Canaveral Lighthouse, Henegar Center and the famous Porcher House. Brevard’s Very First Residents The origins of Brevard County can be traced back to […]

Looking for an affordable luxury home in a nice community? Look no further than Brevard County. Luxury homes in Brevard County tend to sell for less than homes in nearby counties such as Miami-Dade, Palm Beach and Broward. Despite lower housing prices, Brevard offers top-notch schools, safe community-oriented neighborhoods and plenty of things to do. […]

Brevard County is home to beautiful and diverse ecosystems with many different species of animals and plant life. All of this beauty is a blessing we cannot take for granted, which is why Brevard County has a number of measures in place to protect local environments. America’s Space Coast includes the Indian River Lagoon, Archie […]

Florida is no stranger to hurricanes, but Brevard County typically avoids the worst of the storm compared to other coastal regions of Florida. That’s because a hurricane often weakens to a tropical storm by the time it makes landfall along Florida’s peninsula Gulf Coast and moves northeast into Brevard County. The Gulf Stream is located […]

Brevard Public Schools rank superior to neighboring school districts, offering great educational opportunities for children of all ages, from pre kindergarten on through college. Around 73,000 students attend Brevard Public Schools. The local school distract remains the largest employer in the county with over 9,000 employees. There are 86 schools in the district, 17 special […]

Brevard County’s economy is on the rise. Over the next 10-years employment is expected to increase by 36.80%. Not only are there lots of local job opportunities, but also, thanks to Florida’s 0% income tax, residents take home more money than in most other states.      Income per capita is $27,440, including adults and […]

The roof, windows, doors and even the overall shape of your home plays a role in its ability to withstand hurricane force winds.  When buying a home in Florida, it’s important to look for a home with all of the right features to withstand the force of a hurricane. Since 1851, The National Hurricane Center […]

The Brevard Zoo Sea Turtle Healing Center has been very busy rescuing and rehabilitating more miniature “washback” baby turtles than ever previously recorded. All of these sweet little turtles were left helpless and stranded after Hurricane Nichole pushed them onto beaches with her vicious winds and subsequent waves. Shortly after the baby turtles were discovered, […]

Merritt Island is a mid-sized coastal town located in Brevard County, along the eastern Floridian coast. It is the 86th largest community in Florida. As of 2010, 34,743 people called Merritt Island home. The former island is now technically a peninsula and is considered part of the Palm Bay, Melbourne, and Titusville Florida Metropolitan Statistical […]

Florida property tax rates rank at or below national averages, making it one of the most affordable states to put down roots or buy a second home. According to the numbers, the average property tax rate totals 1.10% lower than the national average in the US. The average tax rate in Brevard County is 1.046%. […]